Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not finished...

I've let my flip camera out at work. So, no video just yet - I have to still make arrangements for riding a couple of times. Busy catching up and at home but, I assure you - more to come!!!

I haven't ridden my bike since the ride. Everyone needs a break. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I will ride a few more times this fall... BECAUSE...

The proceeds I raise on my rides will go directly to Sara's Family. Sara?

Here's her story:

"On July 12th, 2010, 3-year old Sara Forwell had a lump surgically removed from her forearm. Three days later, her parents, Amy & Derrick received some devastating news that the lump removed was a cancerous tumor. 

Sara has been diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer, “Rhabdomysarcoma”. this type of cancer is in fact very rare and they only see about 4 cases in Ontario every year. It is agressive and therefore her treatments will be long and intense.

Sara underwent many different tests (CT scan, bone scan, bone marrow test and MRI) to determine if the cancer had spread.

Once all these tests were completed the Forwells were happy and relieved to learn the cancer had not spread. But Sara still needed to have a lymph node biopsy done (just to ensure nothing was found there) .

The intense plan for Sara includes 42 weeks of Chemotherapy, 4-6 weeks of Radiation, as well as another surgery on her arm to scrape the area where her original tumour was removed.

On August 18th, 2010 the Forwell family received the results from Sara's lymph node biopsy. They were very saddened to find out that there were a very small amount of cancer cells found in a couple of her nodes. Because of these findings Sara now requires radiation on her lymph nodes under the arm in addition to the area on her forearm where the tumour was removed. This will likely cause obvious problems with growth and development to her right arm but the Forwell family is hopeful that with this radiation the cancer will not reoccur, - as this is a big concern for her Drs right now.

Thus far Sara has done very well with her chemo treatments, she is very happy, active and energectic and hopefully this is an indication of what the months ahead will be like. She is a remarkable and resillient little girl.

The Forwell family is remaining unbelievably strong and trying to provide as normal and as a routine life possible for Sara and their one year old son, Zackery. Because they have no benefits through either employer Derrick and Amy are continuing to work ( Derrick in construction, Amy 911 operater) to support their family financially. Once the daily treatments start for Sara they will not be able to continue working as much as they are now. With the support of family friends, and a tight knit community the Forwell family will get through this.

Starting Monday September 6, 2010 The Forwells and Sara will be travelling back and forth daily to Sick Kids for the next 5 weeks for her chemo and/or radiation.
Please keep Sara and her family in your prayers."

So, there you have it. Please join me in making Sara & her family's fight a little less overwhelming! Email me and we figure out how to get your donation into their hands.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The seat stays with Lance...

Here is the pre-ride Flip video I captured. I'm figuring out Final Cut Pro and Flip software. The result is better video.

Lance auctioned off the bike he rode on the day. Only, he told us "everything but the seat". Find out why the seat stays with him. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

RWL Pre-Ride... 1.

Woke up to a beautiful day. Showered & shaved. Grabbed a bit to eat.

Steve got up later because apparently he was up until 2am writing the script to the video I had finished (stressfully) at 4pm the day before. He rushed around & took off somewhere, asking I look after the dogs. Greg Fess arrived and we chatted for a bit until Steve was ready.

We headed to the start - I jumped in with Greg. We parked on the road outside the big home and were greeted by police officers in what appeared to be swat outfits - cool!

I walked in - checked in my spare tube with Ziggy's bike guys.

Met Joe Dutton the head RWL guy. The plan was Steve and I were going to go over the script/video with Phil before the ride in the house.

I walked around again, the trailers, pool and house to kill time. Ate. Steve Bauer was eating breakfast and reading the paper in the house and Zolton & Mark Higgins (Higs) were organizing Lance's stuff. He was upstairs - no sign of him ever though. My MacBook was in this big room that all the pictures and things requiring Lance's signature were to be stored. I photographed his bike without wheels. Met Liz the photographer!

Then George arrived on his bike and entered the front of the house. He walked by and man he has way more veins on his one leg than I do!!! He put his gear down and went upstairs.

Well, next I heard time was running out and Phil wouldn't be working with us until after the ride. Joe told me I better get my gear on which I did.

I started mingling and was happy to see Mike and Wendy arrived!! Next I saw Jamie who has been a big inspiration and who had drove in from Lyndsay. I introduced him to Carrie and they chatted. Got Greg to shoot a few group shots for me and then there was a big informal group shot (kinda like after the Stanley Cup).

10:00am approached and Phil announced over a mic that the riders should gather round!

(PS... my daughter has the memory card with my pictures on from pre-ride - will post when she returns it)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will try to get a full report in very soon!

First off, THANK YOU!!! I had an awesome day that I'll never forget. It wouldn't have been possible though without the support (financially & emotionally) of you.

Friday night's Polka Dot dinner brought home what it was all about. Lance & Phil answered questions in a room that included POGO doctors and nurses. It was great.

I'm not sure on the numbers of dollars raised in all but I think it'll be pretty good from what I could tell.

The morning's ride started off in remarkable fashion. Lance flatted. The chain reaction in the peloton caused Carrie (the young lady I've been helping raise funds) to crash dramatically. She landed on her head and had to replace her jersey and helmet at the next stop but she didn't stop... well more about that and the day later.

I'm still absorbing the events of the day. Talk to you soon... :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Post - things are humming here at Hammer Cancer Central!.

On Saturday I rode for 3:10 minutes at Sobeys in Ancaster (10th one). Was a great day and will post more later. Lots happened!!! A lady and daughter recognized Peter G.'s name offered by Jason. I got a few pats on the sweaty back. Someone bought me water. Another lady brought me a Powerbar and orange juice, "From one cyclist to another". A lady removed her hat to donate and told me I was "riding for her" - she's in chemo right now. My family showed up for a bit... and more.

I'm kinda sad the fundraising is over. I'm was going to miss it. I really really really enjoyed it. Each one gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I say "was" because after speaking with Jan (her suggestion), I've decided I'm going to continue to do the odd ride now and again. Why not? I have the sign, the bike, the table and box but more importantly the ability to keep helping out!

I remain a lucky guy. :)

PS Because I've surpassed my goal, I took the $652.46 I raised on Saturday and donated it to Carrie Grinter. Carrie has been struggling to meet the $20K despite her best efforts. So, I've been trying to encourage her for the last week or so and helped her get over the $10K hurdle. She's working hard and I hope she makes it with her final push...

Friday, August 20, 2010

That's Jason smiling & rocking the mountains!!!

Wow... I've been pretty speechless today. Why?

Well, a good running buddy and friend went well beyond the call of duty and made a donation that really humbled me. Jason is an awesome guy and his generosity today was simply amazing. Of course being Jason, he just down played it... I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Jason is a star and not because he wears on. He says he could use some good karma. I think he's earned it and I hope everyone reading this sends him good vibes as well. SERIOUSLY

You rock dude!!!

Jason asked that I ride for Peter Galligan. A sweet father of a friend who lost his battle with cancer.

So tomorrow I'll ride my last ride for Vera Guran and Peter Galligan. It will be a honour!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great 5s Alive!!!

Well, I just wanted to put a quick post in because I have a busy week but I really want to acknowledge some fantastic generosity. A big thanks to Sobeys in Grimsby. Another hot day but that didn't spoil the mood. I'd have to say the $5 bill were the vast majority of donations Saturday - wow. Everyone was really nice again. I got a few pats on the sweaty back too which is pretty amazing because I was really really wet!

Trish and Lawrence popped by for the last 1/2hr or so and it was nice to chat with them. I appreciated the support. Speaking of support, the patrons of Sobeys donated a total of $483.90 - my third highest total to date for a grocery store ride - sweet!!!

I also have to thank my good friend Iles.

Iles made contributed my largest single donation by an individual and donated a lot more than he promised!!! Iles' mom is battling cancer for a second time. I've told him I will be riding my final grocery store ride this Saturday in honour and support of his mom.

Thanks again to Iles and everyone who has help me give to a great cause!!! Your support means more than you can know.

I'm a lucky guy... :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in gear...

Well, I took a mini-vacation but I'm back at it again. Rode this past Sunday with other Ride With Lance participants for a 66K+ group ride then BBQ. Chatted with a few and kept near the front. It was fun. I feel I'm ready physically for the day. Just a bit more financially to go. :)

Steven Cho (who I met on Sunday) is going to try riding like me in the front of a grocery store in Kitchener over the next few weeks. As for me, I'll be riding this Saturday in Grimsby at the Sobeys there! My friend Trish will pop by I'm sure - I'm looking forward to riding outta town...

A special thanks to Gerald F. who donated on-line after seeing my little ad on the Gravity Climbing Gym web site. That's pretty cool. I hope he and his daughter enjoy her birthday climb on Friday! Thanks Gerald!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surprise On-line Donation Today!

First on-line donation in quite a loooooong time. I was pleasantly surprised to see the notification pop up in my email box. Thanks so much to Dan R. for making such a very generous donation. My goal amount is that much closer!!!

NOTE: If you the reader can think of anyone else you suspect might be willing to donate, please don't just sit there. Fire off an email and or better give that person a call... I bet if they do donate, you'll be glad you did! AND if you still haven't donated yourself, what are you waiting for THE RIDE IS A MONTH TODAY!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Super Salon Nuvo Cut-for-a-cure Day!!!

Wow... The crew at Salon Nuvo were really really amazing! Beckie had organized a ton! The $20 haircuts & wash, raffle table, named bicycles in the window, M&M Meats BBQ and protein shakes by the neighbouring nutritional store!!!

People filtered in and out all day. I rode for the 4 hours and thanks to a breeze, it wasn't too bad. Scott B. was there for a few hours and a manager from Best Buy. I had $117.07 in donations which was pretty good considering all the other fundraising things going on.

Everyone was so nice. The team included Beckie, Lou & wife Chez, Amanda, Jessica and daughter Danya & Sherry. Oh and Scott and Stewart from M&Ms... There were other supporters - sorry if I missed someone.

3 local papers took photos and details for their stories. I hope Salon Nuvo gets a lot of promotion because from what I saw they give awesome haircuts - SERIOUSLY!!! :)

At the end of the day after the raffle draw they totalled the money raised. Get this, the salon raised almost $1750!!!!

I'm thrilled and I know they are too. I have $10K coming that's not in my official total so, my donations are over $19200 now...

$800 to go. WICKED!!!

Almost forget they made up special tees. As Scott from M&Ms said, unlike most of the tees he gets they "don't suck!" and he had cyclist wanted to buy them off him :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super Saturday for Jodie Schumacher!

What a day riding for Jodie Schumacher. Sarah made up some great sign pieces that were read by interested donors. Sarah also made it for the 4 hours with me - mind you the last hour was tough for yours truely. Thanks so much Sarah!!! Jared was kind enough to drive in from Toronto and hang for 3 of the hours and took the video and some photos I look forward to putting in next year's RWL book.

We were joined by a vivacious Katie then Jen & Wade (Thanks for the awesome donation you two!) who stayed for over an hour and half... easy. I got my first applause ever when I finished. I really appreciated it because I was hurting at the end.

People were generous throughout the day and despite starting in the shade, the majority of time was spent in the sun. Needless to say it was another hot and sweaty one.

It was nice having company. Jodie's mom joined us for a bit which was great! Sarah's parents also popped by and gave an exceeding generous donation!

All in all it was so nice to ride for Jodie. Sarah shared lots of great stories about her.

I think Jodie had a hand in keeping the rain away that started coming down hard just as we were packing up. Thanks Jodie!!! :)

Check out the video and see a glimpse of the day.

Sobey it..catching up.

I wanted to get the pics of the hour rides I did honour of donations. I'm going to try and get back one more time to Sobeys because they were so great!

First hour rode in memory of Dr. Geoffrey Evans for Mandy who made a generous donation on-line. A heart surgeon who knew Dr. Evans was a donour and we chatted a bit. The second hour was for Clifford Hinton. I worked with his daughter Libby. The last hour was in honour of John Spoltore. Scott B. donated very generously on his behalf. Thanks so much everyone!!
This ride took place on July 11th.
Was hot and muggy BUT I was in the shade. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

By George he's coming!

Received notice today that George Hincapie (Lance's teammate for all 7 tours & current American Champion) will be attending the ride as well. This was apparently at Lance's request because he thinks the event is pretty cool. Nice...

I would imagine he'll make me feel short LOL...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ride With Lance video...

First video explaining the ride and one of the high profile participants.

See it here.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lance's worst day is my best... Wonder what it means?

Just a quick post.

Lance crashed 3 times at the Tour de France / I rode for 3 hours. Looks like Lance's chances for winning the tour are slim / I rode and collected $653.00 in donations my chances for riding on the 28th, pretty much guaranteed. Weird.

Thanks to Sobeys Ancaster!!! I'll be posting video & pics from the day in the next day or so... Rode for 3 different people. I was in the shade but pedalled harder than ever... :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

So So So Sobeys!!!!

Two Sobeys were up for me riding at their stores. One here in Ancaster this Sunday the 11th from 10am-1pm and another in Grimsby on the 14th of August from 12:30-3:30pm. My weekends are getting pretty booked up now. I'll still do a few more Fortinos but that'll be all I'll be able to squeeze in - awesome.

These 3 hour ride will sure prepare me for the ride on August 28th!

You watching the Tour de France? I am and it's so cool to watch Lance and Levi AND listening to Phil knowing I'll be riding and hanging with them!!! (Lance above after stage 6). Cool Livestrong commercial - Nike

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cool day for donations on a really HOT day!!!

Rode @ Ancaster Fortinos from 11:00am to 2:00pm. Pretty pretty hot and got a bit burnt despite sunscreen. Sweat a ton. Patrons were amazing and I guess felt for me. Had biggest day yet and raised $470.37! I was done at the 3 hour mark - one lady bought me a flavoured water near the end which I really really appreciated (so kind) ... :)

Rode for Bill Bailey all day and will post image or video later.

Did I mention it was hot!!! Thanks Ancaster!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pretty busy week outside of HammerCancer but...

In case you haven't heard. I'll be riding on July 17th at the Fortinos on New St. in Burlington. Sarah and Jared will be there with new banners as we remember Jodie Schumacher who died of cancer on March 26th. Sarah & Jodie were great pals.

Jodie's dad Jim is pleased and thinks some patrons will know Jodie as she and Sarah grew up in the neighbourhood! I'll be dedicating all 4 hours - yes FOUR for this special occasion to Jodie as June 30th would have been 29th birthday !!! Please if you're in the neighbourhood drop by - we'd love to see you and would appreciate the support. Thanks to Store owner Charlie Alfano who didn't hesitate to let's us appear!!!

I also expect a sustantial donation this week for some coding work I've done over the last few weeks. I'm pretty happy to exchange web work for donations these days. :)

Haven't had any on-line donations in some time. If you've been on the fence, now's the time to show you support.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A bit of video and news...

Hey everyone! I was able to paste together some quick video from last weekend - despite being father's day et al!!! Video aspect ratio off a bit but should give you an idea of the two days and how much I'm sweating at these rides... :)

In news: I've created the splash page for Barkwear. Check it out at the new site. More to come including photos of the some of the gear and lots more. I understand there is a Barkwear baseball team - that's incredible & cool!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The weekend that was...

Hey, crazy busy but finally got to posting today! Wanted to report on the weekend that was. I started by riding at Ancaster Food Basics after the Heritage day parade. Slow start but I raised over $135 in 2.5 hours. At one point it rained but I stuck it out and was rewarded with another $20 or so... I rode each hour in the memory of the names below.

Sunday looked even more likely it was going to rain @ 9am but I was out there!!!

My second time there but on a different day and the results were amazing once again! Over $435 raised. Lots of interaction too. I'll be riding in July and will dedicate the whole three hours to Bill Bailey. A great friend of his made me aware of the his death that Friday and it's something I really want to do now!!

The names I rode for today are below. I missed one so I'll ride in memory of her again. Jan popped over near the end of the ride. I'll post the video in the next day or so...

OH YEAH... here is a photo Beckie from Salon Nuvo sent! Apparently, things are picking up there and total donations to date equal $350!!! She tells me the have shirts & the store next to them are putting bicycles in the window as well... WICKED!!! Can't wait for July 25th!!!
Check out the picture below:

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 hours of FUNdraising...

Well, I spent over 5 and a half hours in the saddle hammering out donations over the weekend. Saturday was ok but once again Fortinos on Sunday produced amazing results. I honestly enjoyed the long rides that included lots of interactions.

One particular interaction was with a fellow who lost a 'great friend' to cancer on Friday. Bill Bailey lost his battle and the pain on his friend was immense. I felt really bad for him. I got Bill's name for the fellow and will ride in his memory for the whole 3 hours next time I'm riding in Ancaster! I was really touched... there were stories too of those still battling hard.

I'll be posting the memory pic and perhaps a bit more video as soon as I can. Check out my site on the official RWL web page for my latest total.

Actually, I'm over $5K now!!! w00t!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Result: First Fundraising Ride...

Well, the results are in and the video will speak to the day. I'd say it went pretty good. What do you think? I'll try going from 9am-12pm tomorrow in the same spot if weather permits!

I can only go for 3 hours. Then it gets pretty uncomfortable. Have a few tips now that I've done it once to make things easier.

Rode in memory of Jody, Glen and Claire today.

It was a lot of fun!!!!

Finally, a BIG thanks to HSBC!!! They donated last week thanks to a rider who participated last year. It was generous indeed and very surprising. Thanks soooooo much Mike!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Special Announcement!!! :)

I'm extremely excited to announce the following:

Salon Nuvo based in Milton are holding an all day cut-a-thon on July 25th and ALL proceeds go towards my Ride With Lance!!!

Salon Nuvo site: here

According to Beckie, "Everyone is so excited that we can do this for you, Cancer has played a big roll in the lives of all of us here at Salon Nuvo and this is the least we could do to help you out. We set our goals pretty high here at Nuvo and we are aiming for you to be sitting at Lance's table at dinner, we're expecting a big outcome and i suspect you're more than okay with that."

This is awesome and I feel so lucky! I'm letting my hair grow long and hope you will too, then drop by. I'll be riding out front as well. This is so cool. :D

First rides coming up. I'll be riding 4 hours. Dedicating each hour in the memory of someone. Their name will be posted at my donation table... Please pop by and say 'Hello!' and get an awesome cut!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Steve Bauer Plug... lucky me!

I got a BIG plug from Mr. Steve Bauer!!! Check it out.

He's arguably Canada most celebrated cyclist. He's ridden on teams with Lance & other world champions . Won 4 yellow jerseys - that's totally awesome!!! And he's manager for Canada up and coming new professional cycling team! Want to know more? Check out this link...

I have a very special announcement to make very soon. Something that will be totally cool that will happen on July 25th!!! It's pretty cool... :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Next: The Execution!

Well, I've got the go ahead from Frank at Fortinos. He hasn't be letting other charities near the entrance lately but was willing to give me a chance. NO HARASSING THE CUSTOMERS (They've complained). But, Frank was very good and sounds like I can go anytime. He told me weekends are better and which entrance would be advantageous!!!

So, next weekend I'll start. I have a few other store numbers and some wanted to know what others said or want letters. Now I have one the rest should be easy. I'll just tell them it's been done.

Let's see what kind of response I'll get. Could be really cool. Can't wait!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Plan.

Okay, went to Fortino's & Food Basic in the hood. Manager not there until tomorrow night @ F but got name and number for Basic's Manager. I should be good though lots of space at each one. I'll start calling other stores tomorrow. Managers are pretty busy on the weekend so during the day would be better to set up dates.

I'll be out there this weekend. The girls at Fortino's were already excited. They thought it was so cool I'd be riding my bike! :)

I'm gonna test out Thea's portable speaker. May just pump out some inspirational music - not too loud. Not sure. Would this turn people off? Maybe I should just be cool at first?!?! What do you think?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gearing up NOW!!!

Okay, it's time to gear up and get going!!!! May has been a really really really busy month. So, now I have to really focus. Time to raise dough and fitness. Going to get out there this weekend. I hope the weather is cool... er, warm and no rain actually.

Got a donation last evening from PE. Kind of bittersweet because its in memory of Libby's father in BC. I worked with Libby for years at PE and I'm sorry to hear the news. Libby has been so kind by asking people to donate to my cause in memory of her dad. Thanks so much PE and Libby for thinking of the contributing to the ride. Your generosity is really appreciated.

I was chatting to another childhood friend Lynn in LA. She told me her mum passed away with cancer 12 years ago. I hear too many of these stories unfortunately.

Monday, May 10, 2010

To Leif!

Leif, the teacher of the illustration students participating in creating postcards for HammerCancer, lost his father-in-law to cancer a few days ago. Leif and his family only learned of his illness in March after we started the project. And just like that, he is gone. They took comfort in that fact that Bill touched so many lives in a positive way as a doctor. It was nice to hear he died peacefully at home with his family by his side. Leif has generously donated his time & I want to thank him & wish his family strength during this difficult time.

Today I received a surprising anonymous donation in the honour of John Spoltone. I am still as humbled & much appreciative as I was in the beginning. I am a very fortunate I get to do something like this! Thank you for thinking of my efforts!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wasn't that a party?!?!

Tuesday night I had the good fortune to attend the Ride With Lance kick-off/reunion party! It was great. I got there right on time and was pleased to see I was only beaten by Jamie. We introduced ourselves and the chatted for quite a while. We were joined by a young lady Anita. We must of sounded like a bunch of teenaged school girls. Jamie had lots of great stories and just the excitement around the patio was crazy!

The book turned out really well. It was really great to experience riders flip through it with such wide grins.

At one point (knowing I'll be doing the book again next year) I grabbed an organizers camera and shot a whole series of group shots. I wish I would have got a few of them looking at the book but there you go.

Here is the brief video I took of Jim Balsillie. It's brief because as I approached him I heard him say he had to go. To be honest I don't think he made the connection that I was from Hamilton. I believe he thought I was kind of joking. He agreed to do it though. I got a sense from the speeches that although he is prepared to speak in public, I didn't pick up that he sought nor relished in the limelight.

I heard he loves the book and wants to make sure its done again this year. I must be doing something right and it's nice to know he's kinda in my corner.

I'll post a few other video surprises soon!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cancer rears it's ugly head - too close to home!

Well, cancer reared it's ugly head close to home this week. While hosting a 90th birthday party my neighbour across the street was surprisingly transported to the hospital after a 911 call. We had heard she had colon and liver cancer but saw her driving about a month ago. Much to Jan and my shock, she died in hospital that night.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hats off to Barkwear!!!

Hey Reader! I've got a picture of the new Barkwear hats right off the embroidery machines!!! I think they look amazing. Ok, I know I'm biased because I designed them, but they'll be what all the cool people are wearing. Besides all the proceeds will be going to support... ME!!! Well, toward my goal of 20 gees.:D

A big thanks to Scott Barker who'll be selling them for donations. Mike Hecktus donated all the hats and Promotional Elements donated all the embroidery. That is sooooo awesome!!! Drop me a line and I'll try and hook you up with one of these bad boys!!!

Also, comes in white.

PS I hear they selling like hot cakes. Hope I get one in time... :p

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday night's alright!!!

Cool... Jared and I made a late night (okay, late by my standards) drop-off/pick-up of the sign. It really looks awesome!!! I'll be using today at Jan's aunt's 90th B-day party at our house. It will sit outside the front door with donation box as people come and go... THANKS SO MUCH JARED!!! The rider looks like me as well, my bike and clothing... so cool!

A big thank you to another American friend Kevin who has donated generously! I don't know why but I'm still amazed at the generosity of our neighbours south of the border. Thanks so much Kevin, I really appreciate the support in a big way. :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Canadian in America back in Canada... lucky me.

My buddy Eddy and childhood friend is up from North Carolina. Its been 18 years since he's been back home. Eddy's been a blast. Being a CanAmerican he donated generously immediately. His wife runs for Cancer every fall but this didn't stop him from supporting my efforts. Thanks so much Eddy!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A quickie...

Jared did a great job on the sign design. Can't wait to start using it. Trying to co-ordinate a pick up as he's in the big Tdot!

Got a donation Sunday night from Kim. Kim and I went to film school together back in the late 80's. I haven't talked to Kim in years and thanks to social media, we've connected. I think its pretty cool and awesome on her part that she just jumped in with support. Thanks so much Kim!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

WWTD? I had fun making the Tee.

So, I think it will be fun to start thinking WWTD? What Would Terry (Fox) Do? Looking back at his photos of his run it seemed he keep it pretty simple. Just consistently plugged away day after day. So with that in mind, I bought a yellow t-shirt and iron on letters. Didn't have enough in one size but it didn't matter. I'll wear the t-shirt while pedalling hard with sign. I also bought a plastic see-through box to collect money. It'll need a slot and two small holes in the bottom. I'll screw it to a wooden fold up table I have so it doesn't go missing! :D

Many thanks to the Turek family for each donating at Easter and writing me a very nice cheque Saturday to add to my total. My good neighbour Hans also contributed. I've done pretty well for a little over 2 weeks. I sit at $3,400 donated by 42 separate on-line donations. How cool is that?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sign of things to come!

Hey, Tom here after a better night's sleep. My good designer buddy Jared @ Agency'59 sent me a pick of the sign he's repurposing for me. It will be the cat's behind!! I'll be able to pack & unpack it easily on my tour of the city. Can't wait to pick up with the new type next week!!! THANKS JARED!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Learning from my mistakes...

Ok, I'm still learning like everyone else. I think we can think too much. I think I've tried to get too cute... too creative. I know - it's hard. I pride myself on coming up with creative ideas. But, ideas aren't worth their weight in salt if they make you lose site of what's important. That's what's happened to me.

I've forgotten why I'm trying to raise money for cancer. Yeah, I know its sad because its only been a few weeks.

So, this is what I know now: I doing this because I can, because I DON'T have cancer and because a lot of others have or had cancer. I'm doing this because I believe it is a cause that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Its not Katrina or Haiti yet cancer kills 2-5 times more people around the world in ONE year!

So, I don't think I'll be raffling off a bike. I'll be relying on people like you. People who have and I'm convinced will continue to give generously! I feel bad because I didn't give enough credit to people. However, I realized now that people are donating not because they want to win a bike. They are donating because its an awesome cause & because they want to support my efforts. As many have said, they want me to "enjoy the ride".

To be honest, I haven't been enjoying the ride. I haven't slept in two nights. I've been worrying about where am I going to find a bike. Well, I know now, its not about the bike! Ironic because thats the book title of Lance Armstrong's first book!!!

There... I feel better already. I don't have to worry anymore & I'll be able to sleep peacefully. I can just simply bring a sign, table, box & my 6 year old Fuji and ride my trainer anywhere and concentrate on FUNdraising!!! When I ride on August 28th, 2010 it will be because of the generosity of new & old friends, colleagues & family AND the people of Hamilton.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a roller coaster!

Well, after sour few days I'm back on top again. This fundraising stuff is making me manic!!! Okay, maybe I was manic to begin with. Busy day at work but I squeezed in a chat on the telephone with Jamie Grant! I'm so lucky he tweeted me!!! This guy is amazing. Jamie did the Ride last year AND GET THIS: WITH ONLY 24 DAYS NOTICE!!!! And here I am freakin' because the donations haven't exactly been rolling in! I'm never complaining again. Jamie gave me ton of tips and encouragement and assured me with 5 months I'll be winning my bet with my Daughter!

He can't ride this year because of knee surgery and a new baby but he's gonna be there in spirit. He's just a average bloke like me - so he assures me. He did say its hard work but I'm convinced now that it I put the work in, things will work out. Thanks so much Jamie! Now that I have your email address we're BFF. :)

Also got a anonymous $250 donation!!!! I'm a lucky man!!!

FInally, the local garage my family uses gave generously. The guys at Glendale Motors are great _THANKS!!. I know for a fact that Doug there is an avid cyclist!!! Need car work?

Monday, April 12, 2010

I like Mondays...

Thankfully, my neighbour Charlie came through with a donation yesterday. Thanks Charles!!! This can't be said for today. Seems my streak has ended.

I did get a tweet from Jamie Grant though. He participated in last year's ride and is offering me some information which is awesome. Wonder what it is?!?! I sure could use it.

Speaking of last year's ride. The printer has the file but I've had to send the native InDesign files for the cover. Almost done.

I haven't heard anything from anyone today in regards to Wait a minute, I did get a few comments about the video via MSN and FB! Seems I was showing a lot of bums according to Bonnie. :)

If you reading this, please spread the word! An email from you would be a lot better than coming from me!!! Cajole them if you have to - it just might work. I can't do this alone.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First video on YouTube!

See the first RWL Training Ride on Good Friday... Here.

Ok, first time using the Flip. Cut me some slack! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pretty Productive Saturday...

The day started really well. Hugh & Dorli came through with a donation last night to keep my daily donation streak alive. Thanks Rawlings! Thanks too to another American, George C., I received very generous donation today as well. Very surprising because his partner Mary had already donated. I'm not complaining - that's terrific. Thanks so much!!!

I spent the morning hoping to hit printing and bike shops for sponsorship. Found out all the printing shops are only open during the week. I'll have to figure something out.

My meeting at Central Cycle & Sport went really well. It's an awesome shop at 954 King St. E. in Hamilton. Brian Chewter (ex-two time Olympian) is very personable. The mechanic James is very friendly as well. I was very impressed. These guys know their stuff and I can't imagine them ever trying to 'pull the wool' over anyones eyes!

I got a pretty positive response. I really hope Brian comes through for me. I'd love to represent these guys!!!

Going to try and get the video from last week posted either tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Tomorrow I'll be finishing off the last few text edits then sending the .PDF off to the printers. Steve says it looks really good! :)

OH YEAH ALSO GOT AN AMAZING COMMENT ON THE BLOG! VERY INSPIRATIONAL... see it below or on my web page. I've put it there for now!

...Finally, is all over Google > was NO. 1 yesterday. Which is amazing after just 3 weeks Steve!!! hehehe....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Comment... I don't mind.

Turned on, then off, now on again comments. Go ahead make a comment. Please be nice. I'm fragile. Well, not really but I could use the support.... really!!! :)

Thanks to Simon who went beyond the call of duty and donated from Calgary - Yeah Adventure Science!

Listened to Sarah's memorial speech for Jodie, her good friend who died of ovarian cancer last week. I watched the music video as well. Jodie seemed like a beautiful young woman. I'm sure she'll be missed terribly!


Always learning something new

With Leif going over #hammercancer Illustrations learned the term: mice type click here for a description.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Illustrating Discussions!

Leif and I sat down for an hour or so and went over all the illustrations created by his Mohawk Modern Design Illustration classes. I've never been on the client side. Kinda neat actually. We seemed to agree on our choices. We also agree that they needed a bit of work before going to print. It was interesting to all the different choices... see for yourself!

Leave a comment on their blogs if you like the work!

A BIG shout out to Bonnie for saving the day and donating generously. Thanks so much Bonnie!!! A day without a donation is like a day without sunshine (kinda like the raining day it was today). My bro Paul Trebilcock donated too. Although, I did it on-line for him and he's just giving me cash - which of course is okay too!!!

This is quite the journey...

Earlier this week Steve H. and the MacCuishes kept my spirits up with a generous donation each day. If I averaged their amounts everyday I'd be a lot more confident. Thanks so much!

Then I had yesterday. Life is wonderful - with help from the internet. Here's the story:

Jan and I had our driveway paved in 2008. The city was doing the road so we were entitled to get compensated for the City of Hamilton's area. Paperwork was misplaced until Sunday. Found, I decided I'd follow up. Phone message left & email sent. Well, I get a forwarded email back from a engineered named Tim E.. The next day as I start to confirm the forms (already filled out in 2008) mailing address I think, I'm going to ask if its the Tim E. I went to school with. Actually, I was friends with his twin sisters. We participated in a ton of school activities together.

Well, it turned out it was and he remembered me. I had mentioned and so Tim proceeded to describe the terrible toll cancer has had on his immediate family. He offered his sisters phone numbers but I just thought an email with a link to would be appropriate.

So, imagine the wave of emotions next. Tim's sister Di immediately emails with a little hi and update - her kids are doing really well AND sister Mandy makes a donation to the cause!! I haven't seen the two in almost 30 years!

I can't describe the mixture of emotions this whole thing conjured up but needless to say it was pretty cool!!! Stories like Tim & his sister's keep me more determined than ever...

If things like this are going to happen, I think it will really change me - for the better - TOTALLY SERIOUS!

I also decided to lower my Goal last night. I've put it at the min. $20K. I was getting a little down on the fact that my thermometer was never elevating - even a bit. I can always raise it again but I personally need to visually see some progress. After all I'm a more visual person. :)

Mary H. (another generous American) celebrated her retirement with donation. Thanks Mary!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Man, I'm busy... but not too busy to acknowledge a few good things.

Try to get a lot done but work and home are keeping me hopping. Big thanks to Steve H.. He gave a generous donation over and above and passed along an email to others!

Get this... my good designer buddy Iles has committed to raising $500 for me!!!! That's amazing. Imagine if a few of you reading this took up the challenge. I bet I'd reach my goal for sure. I'm tickled pink er yellow Iles has joined in my efforts - what a thrill. :)

I'm so lucky.

The first proof of the book is at the printers.

PS gotta get my video put together and uploaded!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some of the results are in...

Well, as planned I launched my web site on April 1st with the idea "Cancer is no joke!". April being cancer month and all I thought it was good thing to try. So, I sent a personal email to everyone I could think of that morning. I may have even sent one to you. If I didn't shame on me.

The idea is to get $20 donations but what I really hope is that the receiver will forward the email to 7 (and only 7) people they trust would seriously consider donating also. All donors concede its an awesome cause but just imagine if the emails caught on...

Emails are easy though and I realize I going to have to put in hard work over the next 5 months to reach my goal. Receiving donations from only family and friends won't cut it. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Fire ME off and email and I'll be sure to listen - promise!!!

Kudos to the latest donors. Paul, Wendy, Luke, Chris, Mitch*Trisport, Mike, Jane, Hans Luigi & Team Turek!!! Hoping you guys will also pass along to others. :D

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick update because I have no Internet @ home right now...

My IT issues continue. No internet @ home but new modem is in the mail according to Bell!

A huge thank you to Al & George (who Al kindly emailed). Americans are proving to be BIG donors!!! I'm impressed. :)

Today was an amazing! I received my first donation from a donor who I don't know. Jeffrey gave me an enormous shot in the arm of motivation. To think I can get people to donate who don't know me from Adam is unbelievable. I can see when I'm riding on my trainer in person but to take the time to donate on-line (which I'm hoping for but wondering if even possible)... I'm humbled. Thanks Jeffrey - you rock!!!

Still trying to secure my bike and print sponsors... ouch.

Oh yeah, got the illustrations from Mohawk students and will post them soon. I'll be going through them and provide constructive feedback. Its a really neat experience and I want to give back to them with my honest opinions & consideration.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday... with Steve.

Steve and I worked for over 5 hours getting most of the book done. Done to the last bits now. Took most of the day. Had presented ideas to 3 bike shops yesterday. One pretty sure no for sponsorship. One owner not there but very positive vibes from two fellow working there. One very positive. I've sent emails but so far I haven't received a response. This is pretty hard. I'd 12 times Sydenham Hill repeats over this any day!!! :)

Rough technical week. Official donation site problems then domain renewal isssues meant HC was down for over a day. Oh well, better now than later.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost finished the second RWL book...

Well, Steve Whigham was over until 11pm last night and we got the book in presentation shape. According to Steve the Foundation loved it. We'll finish most of it off this weekend! It's been fun and looks better than I thought.

Here is the cover of the previous year's book. My copy has the signatures of Steve Bauer, Phil Liggett who called me the first year to chat (thanks to Steve) and Och. People aren't clear on the signature under the 2010 Ride With Lance logo is Lance Armstrong's. It real and is in my copy of the book on a blank page. As you know he'll be putting his signature on the bike you can win with every $20 donation!

Not one donation today. Still I added a link to on the Gravity Climbing Gym and Trisport Canada in the t-shirt section (I designed a couple of tees). Appreciate the support. If you want a custom for your web site blog whatever, just let me know and I'd be happy to provide you with one!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A really good day today...

Sent out a few emails this morning because even though I haven't really started pushing, my lizard brain is creeping in trying to tell me I can't do this - raise enough donations. Well, the internet was down after 10am at work for the entire day. So, when I got home I found a few came through for me. I feel better! Thanks again!!!

Thanks to Jackie (sent out 50 emails), Chris K., Reid @ Gravity Climbing Gym (Reid actually fired off 30 emails to his 'A' list friends; If that's you reading I really hope you donate!!) and Jen M.!!! You guys are great and I'm encouraged b/c you all said you'd pass along the campaign to others.

Thanks also to Bonnie for the words of encouragement. It does mean a lot to me!

Peace out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its almost in the books...

Working on the 2009 memory book that goes to all of the previous year's participants. This will be the second year for me doing it. I enjoy doing it to be sure. I'll be gathering shots and video from my fundraising days to incorporate next year. Just think, you could be in it! I understand the Jim Balsillie commented on the first one saying something like, * amazing!". I'll be letting him know I'm from Hamilton! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mohawk Illustration Students to hammer away at Illustrations for Hammer Cancer!

Thanks to Mohawk Teacher Leif Peng for his support so far... His students are taking on the a new illustration project. Got email from him the other day:

Yes, the students are really hyped about it - I gave them lots of freedom, explained that there were these elements to use as a starting point: Lance Armstrong, bike race, cancer research fundraising -- but that they should use as much creativity as possible to jump off from that point and really create their own thing. I also explained that the images might be of the sort that would appeal to a very wide variety of demographics... that some people might like them enough to frame them, and that - while they were welcome to create something "dark", it was less likely to get picked as one of the seven images if it was such.

I'll be posting all the entries. The 7 judged to be the best of class will be printed on postcards. The cards will be handed out for donations in hopes they can secure even more donations.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It starts with one turn of the pedal... yikes!

Got Jemma to take a few shots of me. Think I'll change it up once a month on the homepage. I'm 2o lbs heavier than normal. Guess I ate too much over the winter :). I'll keep each month's shot so it'll be cool to see how the pounds drop off once I get training hard again. Won't take long with all the fundraising rides I intend on doing & Thea being a bit heavier too!

I've got all the site & social media in pretty good shape. My friend Mel overseas is going to go over the copy & if you have any ideas on how to improve on anything please let me know. I'm not thrilled with the logo but not going to let it hold me back.

Time to get sponsorship. I'm a bit nervous but feel more confident with stuff in place. I hope it doesn't take too long...

Friday, March 19, 2010 is live...

Let the journey begin... :)