Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Special Announcement!!! :)

I'm extremely excited to announce the following:

Salon Nuvo based in Milton are holding an all day cut-a-thon on July 25th and ALL proceeds go towards my Ride With Lance!!!

Salon Nuvo site: here

According to Beckie, "Everyone is so excited that we can do this for you, Cancer has played a big roll in the lives of all of us here at Salon Nuvo and this is the least we could do to help you out. We set our goals pretty high here at Nuvo and we are aiming for you to be sitting at Lance's table at dinner, we're expecting a big outcome and i suspect you're more than okay with that."

This is awesome and I feel so lucky! I'm letting my hair grow long and hope you will too, then drop by. I'll be riding out front as well. This is so cool. :D

First rides coming up. I'll be riding 4 hours. Dedicating each hour in the memory of someone. Their name will be posted at my donation table... Please pop by and say 'Hello!' and get an awesome cut!

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