Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will try to get a full report in very soon!

First off, THANK YOU!!! I had an awesome day that I'll never forget. It wouldn't have been possible though without the support (financially & emotionally) of you.

Friday night's Polka Dot dinner brought home what it was all about. Lance & Phil answered questions in a room that included POGO doctors and nurses. It was great.

I'm not sure on the numbers of dollars raised in all but I think it'll be pretty good from what I could tell.

The morning's ride started off in remarkable fashion. Lance flatted. The chain reaction in the peloton caused Carrie (the young lady I've been helping raise funds) to crash dramatically. She landed on her head and had to replace her jersey and helmet at the next stop but she didn't stop... well more about that and the day later.

I'm still absorbing the events of the day. Talk to you soon... :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Post - things are humming here at Hammer Cancer Central!.

On Saturday I rode for 3:10 minutes at Sobeys in Ancaster (10th one). Was a great day and will post more later. Lots happened!!! A lady and daughter recognized Peter G.'s name offered by Jason. I got a few pats on the sweaty back. Someone bought me water. Another lady brought me a Powerbar and orange juice, "From one cyclist to another". A lady removed her hat to donate and told me I was "riding for her" - she's in chemo right now. My family showed up for a bit... and more.

I'm kinda sad the fundraising is over. I'm was going to miss it. I really really really enjoyed it. Each one gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I say "was" because after speaking with Jan (her suggestion), I've decided I'm going to continue to do the odd ride now and again. Why not? I have the sign, the bike, the table and box but more importantly the ability to keep helping out!

I remain a lucky guy. :)

PS Because I've surpassed my goal, I took the $652.46 I raised on Saturday and donated it to Carrie Grinter. Carrie has been struggling to meet the $20K despite her best efforts. So, I've been trying to encourage her for the last week or so and helped her get over the $10K hurdle. She's working hard and I hope she makes it with her final push...

Friday, August 20, 2010

That's Jason smiling & rocking the mountains!!!

Wow... I've been pretty speechless today. Why?

Well, a good running buddy and friend went well beyond the call of duty and made a donation that really humbled me. Jason is an awesome guy and his generosity today was simply amazing. Of course being Jason, he just down played it... I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Jason is a star and not because he wears on. He says he could use some good karma. I think he's earned it and I hope everyone reading this sends him good vibes as well. SERIOUSLY

You rock dude!!!

Jason asked that I ride for Peter Galligan. A sweet father of a friend who lost his battle with cancer.

So tomorrow I'll ride my last ride for Vera Guran and Peter Galligan. It will be a honour!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great 5s Alive!!!

Well, I just wanted to put a quick post in because I have a busy week but I really want to acknowledge some fantastic generosity. A big thanks to Sobeys in Grimsby. Another hot day but that didn't spoil the mood. I'd have to say the $5 bill were the vast majority of donations Saturday - wow. Everyone was really nice again. I got a few pats on the sweaty back too which is pretty amazing because I was really really wet!

Trish and Lawrence popped by for the last 1/2hr or so and it was nice to chat with them. I appreciated the support. Speaking of support, the patrons of Sobeys donated a total of $483.90 - my third highest total to date for a grocery store ride - sweet!!!

I also have to thank my good friend Iles.

Iles made contributed my largest single donation by an individual and donated a lot more than he promised!!! Iles' mom is battling cancer for a second time. I've told him I will be riding my final grocery store ride this Saturday in honour and support of his mom.

Thanks again to Iles and everyone who has help me give to a great cause!!! Your support means more than you can know.

I'm a lucky guy... :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in gear...

Well, I took a mini-vacation but I'm back at it again. Rode this past Sunday with other Ride With Lance participants for a 66K+ group ride then BBQ. Chatted with a few and kept near the front. It was fun. I feel I'm ready physically for the day. Just a bit more financially to go. :)

Steven Cho (who I met on Sunday) is going to try riding like me in the front of a grocery store in Kitchener over the next few weeks. As for me, I'll be riding this Saturday in Grimsby at the Sobeys there! My friend Trish will pop by I'm sure - I'm looking forward to riding outta town...

A special thanks to Gerald F. who donated on-line after seeing my little ad on the Gravity Climbing Gym web site. That's pretty cool. I hope he and his daughter enjoy her birthday climb on Friday! Thanks Gerald!!!