Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Post - things are humming here at Hammer Cancer Central!.

On Saturday I rode for 3:10 minutes at Sobeys in Ancaster (10th one). Was a great day and will post more later. Lots happened!!! A lady and daughter recognized Peter G.'s name offered by Jason. I got a few pats on the sweaty back. Someone bought me water. Another lady brought me a Powerbar and orange juice, "From one cyclist to another". A lady removed her hat to donate and told me I was "riding for her" - she's in chemo right now. My family showed up for a bit... and more.

I'm kinda sad the fundraising is over. I'm was going to miss it. I really really really enjoyed it. Each one gave me a sense of accomplishment.

I say "was" because after speaking with Jan (her suggestion), I've decided I'm going to continue to do the odd ride now and again. Why not? I have the sign, the bike, the table and box but more importantly the ability to keep helping out!

I remain a lucky guy. :)

PS Because I've surpassed my goal, I took the $652.46 I raised on Saturday and donated it to Carrie Grinter. Carrie has been struggling to meet the $20K despite her best efforts. So, I've been trying to encourage her for the last week or so and helped her get over the $10K hurdle. She's working hard and I hope she makes it with her final push...

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