Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick update because I have no Internet @ home right now...

My IT issues continue. No internet @ home but new modem is in the mail according to Bell!

A huge thank you to Al & George (who Al kindly emailed). Americans are proving to be BIG donors!!! I'm impressed. :)

Today was an amazing! I received my first donation from a donor who I don't know. Jeffrey gave me an enormous shot in the arm of motivation. To think I can get people to donate who don't know me from Adam is unbelievable. I can see when I'm riding on my trainer in person but to take the time to donate on-line (which I'm hoping for but wondering if even possible)... I'm humbled. Thanks Jeffrey - you rock!!!

Still trying to secure my bike and print sponsors... ouch.

Oh yeah, got the illustrations from Mohawk students and will post them soon. I'll be going through them and provide constructive feedback. Its a really neat experience and I want to give back to them with my honest opinions & consideration.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday... with Steve.

Steve and I worked for over 5 hours getting most of the book done. Done to the last bits now. Took most of the day. Had presented ideas to 3 bike shops yesterday. One pretty sure no for sponsorship. One owner not there but very positive vibes from two fellow working there. One very positive. I've sent emails but so far I haven't received a response. This is pretty hard. I'd 12 times Sydenham Hill repeats over this any day!!! :)

Rough technical week. Official donation site problems then domain renewal isssues meant HC was down for over a day. Oh well, better now than later.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost finished the second RWL book...

Well, Steve Whigham was over until 11pm last night and we got the book in presentation shape. According to Steve the Foundation loved it. We'll finish most of it off this weekend! It's been fun and looks better than I thought.

Here is the cover of the previous year's book. My copy has the signatures of Steve Bauer, Phil Liggett who called me the first year to chat (thanks to Steve) and Och. People aren't clear on the signature under the 2010 Ride With Lance logo is Lance Armstrong's. It real and is in my copy of the book on a blank page. As you know he'll be putting his signature on the bike you can win with every $20 donation!

Not one donation today. Still I added a link to on the Gravity Climbing Gym and Trisport Canada in the t-shirt section (I designed a couple of tees). Appreciate the support. If you want a custom for your web site blog whatever, just let me know and I'd be happy to provide you with one!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A really good day today...

Sent out a few emails this morning because even though I haven't really started pushing, my lizard brain is creeping in trying to tell me I can't do this - raise enough donations. Well, the internet was down after 10am at work for the entire day. So, when I got home I found a few came through for me. I feel better! Thanks again!!!

Thanks to Jackie (sent out 50 emails), Chris K., Reid @ Gravity Climbing Gym (Reid actually fired off 30 emails to his 'A' list friends; If that's you reading I really hope you donate!!) and Jen M.!!! You guys are great and I'm encouraged b/c you all said you'd pass along the campaign to others.

Thanks also to Bonnie for the words of encouragement. It does mean a lot to me!

Peace out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its almost in the books...

Working on the 2009 memory book that goes to all of the previous year's participants. This will be the second year for me doing it. I enjoy doing it to be sure. I'll be gathering shots and video from my fundraising days to incorporate next year. Just think, you could be in it! I understand the Jim Balsillie commented on the first one saying something like, * amazing!". I'll be letting him know I'm from Hamilton! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mohawk Illustration Students to hammer away at Illustrations for Hammer Cancer!

Thanks to Mohawk Teacher Leif Peng for his support so far... His students are taking on the a new illustration project. Got email from him the other day:

Yes, the students are really hyped about it - I gave them lots of freedom, explained that there were these elements to use as a starting point: Lance Armstrong, bike race, cancer research fundraising -- but that they should use as much creativity as possible to jump off from that point and really create their own thing. I also explained that the images might be of the sort that would appeal to a very wide variety of demographics... that some people might like them enough to frame them, and that - while they were welcome to create something "dark", it was less likely to get picked as one of the seven images if it was such.

I'll be posting all the entries. The 7 judged to be the best of class will be printed on postcards. The cards will be handed out for donations in hopes they can secure even more donations.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It starts with one turn of the pedal... yikes!

Got Jemma to take a few shots of me. Think I'll change it up once a month on the homepage. I'm 2o lbs heavier than normal. Guess I ate too much over the winter :). I'll keep each month's shot so it'll be cool to see how the pounds drop off once I get training hard again. Won't take long with all the fundraising rides I intend on doing & Thea being a bit heavier too!

I've got all the site & social media in pretty good shape. My friend Mel overseas is going to go over the copy & if you have any ideas on how to improve on anything please let me know. I'm not thrilled with the logo but not going to let it hold me back.

Time to get sponsorship. I'm a bit nervous but feel more confident with stuff in place. I hope it doesn't take too long...

Friday, March 19, 2010 is live...

Let the journey begin... :)