Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not finished...

I've let my flip camera out at work. So, no video just yet - I have to still make arrangements for riding a couple of times. Busy catching up and at home but, I assure you - more to come!!!

I haven't ridden my bike since the ride. Everyone needs a break. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I will ride a few more times this fall... BECAUSE...

The proceeds I raise on my rides will go directly to Sara's Family. Sara?

Here's her story:

"On July 12th, 2010, 3-year old Sara Forwell had a lump surgically removed from her forearm. Three days later, her parents, Amy & Derrick received some devastating news that the lump removed was a cancerous tumor. 

Sara has been diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer, “Rhabdomysarcoma”. this type of cancer is in fact very rare and they only see about 4 cases in Ontario every year. It is agressive and therefore her treatments will be long and intense.

Sara underwent many different tests (CT scan, bone scan, bone marrow test and MRI) to determine if the cancer had spread.

Once all these tests were completed the Forwells were happy and relieved to learn the cancer had not spread. But Sara still needed to have a lymph node biopsy done (just to ensure nothing was found there) .

The intense plan for Sara includes 42 weeks of Chemotherapy, 4-6 weeks of Radiation, as well as another surgery on her arm to scrape the area where her original tumour was removed.

On August 18th, 2010 the Forwell family received the results from Sara's lymph node biopsy. They were very saddened to find out that there were a very small amount of cancer cells found in a couple of her nodes. Because of these findings Sara now requires radiation on her lymph nodes under the arm in addition to the area on her forearm where the tumour was removed. This will likely cause obvious problems with growth and development to her right arm but the Forwell family is hopeful that with this radiation the cancer will not reoccur, - as this is a big concern for her Drs right now.

Thus far Sara has done very well with her chemo treatments, she is very happy, active and energectic and hopefully this is an indication of what the months ahead will be like. She is a remarkable and resillient little girl.

The Forwell family is remaining unbelievably strong and trying to provide as normal and as a routine life possible for Sara and their one year old son, Zackery. Because they have no benefits through either employer Derrick and Amy are continuing to work ( Derrick in construction, Amy 911 operater) to support their family financially. Once the daily treatments start for Sara they will not be able to continue working as much as they are now. With the support of family friends, and a tight knit community the Forwell family will get through this.

Starting Monday September 6, 2010 The Forwells and Sara will be travelling back and forth daily to Sick Kids for the next 5 weeks for her chemo and/or radiation.
Please keep Sara and her family in your prayers."

So, there you have it. Please join me in making Sara & her family's fight a little less overwhelming! Email me and we figure out how to get your donation into their hands.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The seat stays with Lance...

Here is the pre-ride Flip video I captured. I'm figuring out Final Cut Pro and Flip software. The result is better video.

Lance auctioned off the bike he rode on the day. Only, he told us "everything but the seat". Find out why the seat stays with him. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

RWL Pre-Ride... 1.

Woke up to a beautiful day. Showered & shaved. Grabbed a bit to eat.

Steve got up later because apparently he was up until 2am writing the script to the video I had finished (stressfully) at 4pm the day before. He rushed around & took off somewhere, asking I look after the dogs. Greg Fess arrived and we chatted for a bit until Steve was ready.

We headed to the start - I jumped in with Greg. We parked on the road outside the big home and were greeted by police officers in what appeared to be swat outfits - cool!

I walked in - checked in my spare tube with Ziggy's bike guys.

Met Joe Dutton the head RWL guy. The plan was Steve and I were going to go over the script/video with Phil before the ride in the house.

I walked around again, the trailers, pool and house to kill time. Ate. Steve Bauer was eating breakfast and reading the paper in the house and Zolton & Mark Higgins (Higs) were organizing Lance's stuff. He was upstairs - no sign of him ever though. My MacBook was in this big room that all the pictures and things requiring Lance's signature were to be stored. I photographed his bike without wheels. Met Liz the photographer!

Then George arrived on his bike and entered the front of the house. He walked by and man he has way more veins on his one leg than I do!!! He put his gear down and went upstairs.

Well, next I heard time was running out and Phil wouldn't be working with us until after the ride. Joe told me I better get my gear on which I did.

I started mingling and was happy to see Mike and Wendy arrived!! Next I saw Jamie who has been a big inspiration and who had drove in from Lyndsay. I introduced him to Carrie and they chatted. Got Greg to shoot a few group shots for me and then there was a big informal group shot (kinda like after the Stanley Cup).

10:00am approached and Phil announced over a mic that the riders should gather round!

(PS... my daughter has the memory card with my pictures on from pre-ride - will post when she returns it)