Thursday, September 2, 2010

RWL Pre-Ride... 1.

Woke up to a beautiful day. Showered & shaved. Grabbed a bit to eat.

Steve got up later because apparently he was up until 2am writing the script to the video I had finished (stressfully) at 4pm the day before. He rushed around & took off somewhere, asking I look after the dogs. Greg Fess arrived and we chatted for a bit until Steve was ready.

We headed to the start - I jumped in with Greg. We parked on the road outside the big home and were greeted by police officers in what appeared to be swat outfits - cool!

I walked in - checked in my spare tube with Ziggy's bike guys.

Met Joe Dutton the head RWL guy. The plan was Steve and I were going to go over the script/video with Phil before the ride in the house.

I walked around again, the trailers, pool and house to kill time. Ate. Steve Bauer was eating breakfast and reading the paper in the house and Zolton & Mark Higgins (Higs) were organizing Lance's stuff. He was upstairs - no sign of him ever though. My MacBook was in this big room that all the pictures and things requiring Lance's signature were to be stored. I photographed his bike without wheels. Met Liz the photographer!

Then George arrived on his bike and entered the front of the house. He walked by and man he has way more veins on his one leg than I do!!! He put his gear down and went upstairs.

Well, next I heard time was running out and Phil wouldn't be working with us until after the ride. Joe told me I better get my gear on which I did.

I started mingling and was happy to see Mike and Wendy arrived!! Next I saw Jamie who has been a big inspiration and who had drove in from Lyndsay. I introduced him to Carrie and they chatted. Got Greg to shoot a few group shots for me and then there was a big informal group shot (kinda like after the Stanley Cup).

10:00am approached and Phil announced over a mic that the riders should gather round!

(PS... my daughter has the memory card with my pictures on from pre-ride - will post when she returns it)

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