Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will try to get a full report in very soon!

First off, THANK YOU!!! I had an awesome day that I'll never forget. It wouldn't have been possible though without the support (financially & emotionally) of you.

Friday night's Polka Dot dinner brought home what it was all about. Lance & Phil answered questions in a room that included POGO doctors and nurses. It was great.

I'm not sure on the numbers of dollars raised in all but I think it'll be pretty good from what I could tell.

The morning's ride started off in remarkable fashion. Lance flatted. The chain reaction in the peloton caused Carrie (the young lady I've been helping raise funds) to crash dramatically. She landed on her head and had to replace her jersey and helmet at the next stop but she didn't stop... well more about that and the day later.

I'm still absorbing the events of the day. Talk to you soon... :D

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