Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pretty busy week outside of HammerCancer but...

In case you haven't heard. I'll be riding on July 17th at the Fortinos on New St. in Burlington. Sarah and Jared will be there with new banners as we remember Jodie Schumacher who died of cancer on March 26th. Sarah & Jodie were great pals.

Jodie's dad Jim is pleased and thinks some patrons will know Jodie as she and Sarah grew up in the neighbourhood! I'll be dedicating all 4 hours - yes FOUR for this special occasion to Jodie as June 30th would have been 29th birthday !!! Please if you're in the neighbourhood drop by - we'd love to see you and would appreciate the support. Thanks to Store owner Charlie Alfano who didn't hesitate to let's us appear!!!

I also expect a sustantial donation this week for some coding work I've done over the last few weeks. I'm pretty happy to exchange web work for donations these days. :)

Haven't had any on-line donations in some time. If you've been on the fence, now's the time to show you support.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A bit of video and news...

Hey everyone! I was able to paste together some quick video from last weekend - despite being father's day et al!!! Video aspect ratio off a bit but should give you an idea of the two days and how much I'm sweating at these rides... :)

In news: I've created the splash page for Barkwear. Check it out at the new site. More to come including photos of the some of the gear and lots more. I understand there is a Barkwear baseball team - that's incredible & cool!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The weekend that was...

Hey, crazy busy but finally got to posting today! Wanted to report on the weekend that was. I started by riding at Ancaster Food Basics after the Heritage day parade. Slow start but I raised over $135 in 2.5 hours. At one point it rained but I stuck it out and was rewarded with another $20 or so... I rode each hour in the memory of the names below.

Sunday looked even more likely it was going to rain @ 9am but I was out there!!!

My second time there but on a different day and the results were amazing once again! Over $435 raised. Lots of interaction too. I'll be riding in July and will dedicate the whole three hours to Bill Bailey. A great friend of his made me aware of the his death that Friday and it's something I really want to do now!!

The names I rode for today are below. I missed one so I'll ride in memory of her again. Jan popped over near the end of the ride. I'll post the video in the next day or so...

OH YEAH... here is a photo Beckie from Salon Nuvo sent! Apparently, things are picking up there and total donations to date equal $350!!! She tells me the have shirts & the store next to them are putting bicycles in the window as well... WICKED!!! Can't wait for July 25th!!!
Check out the picture below:

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 hours of FUNdraising...

Well, I spent over 5 and a half hours in the saddle hammering out donations over the weekend. Saturday was ok but once again Fortinos on Sunday produced amazing results. I honestly enjoyed the long rides that included lots of interactions.

One particular interaction was with a fellow who lost a 'great friend' to cancer on Friday. Bill Bailey lost his battle and the pain on his friend was immense. I felt really bad for him. I got Bill's name for the fellow and will ride in his memory for the whole 3 hours next time I'm riding in Ancaster! I was really touched... there were stories too of those still battling hard.

I'll be posting the memory pic and perhaps a bit more video as soon as I can. Check out my site on the official RWL web page for my latest total.

Actually, I'm over $5K now!!! w00t!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Result: First Fundraising Ride...

Well, the results are in and the video will speak to the day. I'd say it went pretty good. What do you think? I'll try going from 9am-12pm tomorrow in the same spot if weather permits!

I can only go for 3 hours. Then it gets pretty uncomfortable. Have a few tips now that I've done it once to make things easier.

Rode in memory of Jody, Glen and Claire today.

It was a lot of fun!!!!

Finally, a BIG thanks to HSBC!!! They donated last week thanks to a rider who participated last year. It was generous indeed and very surprising. Thanks soooooo much Mike!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Special Announcement!!! :)

I'm extremely excited to announce the following:

Salon Nuvo based in Milton are holding an all day cut-a-thon on July 25th and ALL proceeds go towards my Ride With Lance!!!

Salon Nuvo site: here

According to Beckie, "Everyone is so excited that we can do this for you, Cancer has played a big roll in the lives of all of us here at Salon Nuvo and this is the least we could do to help you out. We set our goals pretty high here at Nuvo and we are aiming for you to be sitting at Lance's table at dinner, we're expecting a big outcome and i suspect you're more than okay with that."

This is awesome and I feel so lucky! I'm letting my hair grow long and hope you will too, then drop by. I'll be riding out front as well. This is so cool. :D

First rides coming up. I'll be riding 4 hours. Dedicating each hour in the memory of someone. Their name will be posted at my donation table... Please pop by and say 'Hello!' and get an awesome cut!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Steve Bauer Plug... lucky me!

I got a BIG plug from Mr. Steve Bauer!!! Check it out.

He's arguably Canada most celebrated cyclist. He's ridden on teams with Lance & other world champions . Won 4 yellow jerseys - that's totally awesome!!! And he's manager for Canada up and coming new professional cycling team! Want to know more? Check out this link...

I have a very special announcement to make very soon. Something that will be totally cool that will happen on July 25th!!! It's pretty cool... :)