Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick update because I have no Internet @ home right now...

My IT issues continue. No internet @ home but new modem is in the mail according to Bell!

A huge thank you to Al & George (who Al kindly emailed). Americans are proving to be BIG donors!!! I'm impressed. :)

Today was an amazing! I received my first donation from a donor who I don't know. Jeffrey gave me an enormous shot in the arm of motivation. To think I can get people to donate who don't know me from Adam is unbelievable. I can see when I'm riding on my trainer in person but to take the time to donate on-line (which I'm hoping for but wondering if even possible)... I'm humbled. Thanks Jeffrey - you rock!!!

Still trying to secure my bike and print sponsors... ouch.

Oh yeah, got the illustrations from Mohawk students and will post them soon. I'll be going through them and provide constructive feedback. Its a really neat experience and I want to give back to them with my honest opinions & consideration.

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