Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mohawk Illustration Students to hammer away at Illustrations for Hammer Cancer!

Thanks to Mohawk Teacher Leif Peng for his support so far... His students are taking on the a new illustration project. Got email from him the other day:

Yes, the students are really hyped about it - I gave them lots of freedom, explained that there were these elements to use as a starting point: Lance Armstrong, bike race, cancer research fundraising -- but that they should use as much creativity as possible to jump off from that point and really create their own thing. I also explained that the images might be of the sort that would appeal to a very wide variety of demographics... that some people might like them enough to frame them, and that - while they were welcome to create something "dark", it was less likely to get picked as one of the seven images if it was such.

I'll be posting all the entries. The 7 judged to be the best of class will be printed on postcards. The cards will be handed out for donations in hopes they can secure even more donations.

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