Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A really good day today...

Sent out a few emails this morning because even though I haven't really started pushing, my lizard brain is creeping in trying to tell me I can't do this - raise enough donations. Well, the internet was down after 10am at work for the entire day. So, when I got home I found a few came through for me. I feel better! Thanks again!!!

Thanks to Jackie (sent out 50 emails), Chris K., Reid @ Gravity Climbing Gym (Reid actually fired off 30 emails to his 'A' list friends; If that's you reading I really hope you donate!!) and Jen M.!!! You guys are great and I'm encouraged b/c you all said you'd pass along the campaign to others.

Thanks also to Bonnie for the words of encouragement. It does mean a lot to me!

Peace out!

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