Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wasn't that a party?!?!

Tuesday night I had the good fortune to attend the Ride With Lance kick-off/reunion party! It was great. I got there right on time and was pleased to see I was only beaten by Jamie. We introduced ourselves and the chatted for quite a while. We were joined by a young lady Anita. We must of sounded like a bunch of teenaged school girls. Jamie had lots of great stories and just the excitement around the patio was crazy!

The book turned out really well. It was really great to experience riders flip through it with such wide grins.

At one point (knowing I'll be doing the book again next year) I grabbed an organizers camera and shot a whole series of group shots. I wish I would have got a few of them looking at the book but there you go.

Here is the brief video I took of Jim Balsillie. It's brief because as I approached him I heard him say he had to go. To be honest I don't think he made the connection that I was from Hamilton. I believe he thought I was kind of joking. He agreed to do it though. I got a sense from the speeches that although he is prepared to speak in public, I didn't pick up that he sought nor relished in the limelight.

I heard he loves the book and wants to make sure its done again this year. I must be doing something right and it's nice to know he's kinda in my corner.

I'll post a few other video surprises soon!!!

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