Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gearing up NOW!!!

Okay, it's time to gear up and get going!!!! May has been a really really really busy month. So, now I have to really focus. Time to raise dough and fitness. Going to get out there this weekend. I hope the weather is cool... er, warm and no rain actually.

Got a donation last evening from PE. Kind of bittersweet because its in memory of Libby's father in BC. I worked with Libby for years at PE and I'm sorry to hear the news. Libby has been so kind by asking people to donate to my cause in memory of her dad. Thanks so much PE and Libby for thinking of the contributing to the ride. Your generosity is really appreciated.

I was chatting to another childhood friend Lynn in LA. She told me her mum passed away with cancer 12 years ago. I hear too many of these stories unfortunately.

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