Sunday, April 18, 2010

WWTD? I had fun making the Tee.

So, I think it will be fun to start thinking WWTD? What Would Terry (Fox) Do? Looking back at his photos of his run it seemed he keep it pretty simple. Just consistently plugged away day after day. So with that in mind, I bought a yellow t-shirt and iron on letters. Didn't have enough in one size but it didn't matter. I'll wear the t-shirt while pedalling hard with sign. I also bought a plastic see-through box to collect money. It'll need a slot and two small holes in the bottom. I'll screw it to a wooden fold up table I have so it doesn't go missing! :D

Many thanks to the Turek family for each donating at Easter and writing me a very nice cheque Saturday to add to my total. My good neighbour Hans also contributed. I've done pretty well for a little over 2 weeks. I sit at $3,400 donated by 42 separate on-line donations. How cool is that?

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