Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pretty Productive Saturday...

The day started really well. Hugh & Dorli came through with a donation last night to keep my daily donation streak alive. Thanks Rawlings! Thanks too to another American, George C., I received very generous donation today as well. Very surprising because his partner Mary had already donated. I'm not complaining - that's terrific. Thanks so much!!!

I spent the morning hoping to hit printing and bike shops for sponsorship. Found out all the printing shops are only open during the week. I'll have to figure something out.

My meeting at Central Cycle & Sport went really well. It's an awesome shop at 954 King St. E. in Hamilton. Brian Chewter (ex-two time Olympian) is very personable. The mechanic James is very friendly as well. I was very impressed. These guys know their stuff and I can't imagine them ever trying to 'pull the wool' over anyones eyes!

I got a pretty positive response. I really hope Brian comes through for me. I'd love to represent these guys!!!

Going to try and get the video from last week posted either tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Tomorrow I'll be finishing off the last few text edits then sending the .PDF off to the printers. Steve says it looks really good! :)

OH YEAH ALSO GOT AN AMAZING COMMENT ON THE BLOG! VERY INSPIRATIONAL... see it below or on my web page. I've put it there for now!

...Finally, is all over Google > was NO. 1 yesterday. Which is amazing after just 3 weeks Steve!!! hehehe....

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