Thursday, April 15, 2010

Learning from my mistakes...

Ok, I'm still learning like everyone else. I think we can think too much. I think I've tried to get too cute... too creative. I know - it's hard. I pride myself on coming up with creative ideas. But, ideas aren't worth their weight in salt if they make you lose site of what's important. That's what's happened to me.

I've forgotten why I'm trying to raise money for cancer. Yeah, I know its sad because its only been a few weeks.

So, this is what I know now: I doing this because I can, because I DON'T have cancer and because a lot of others have or had cancer. I'm doing this because I believe it is a cause that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Its not Katrina or Haiti yet cancer kills 2-5 times more people around the world in ONE year!

So, I don't think I'll be raffling off a bike. I'll be relying on people like you. People who have and I'm convinced will continue to give generously! I feel bad because I didn't give enough credit to people. However, I realized now that people are donating not because they want to win a bike. They are donating because its an awesome cause & because they want to support my efforts. As many have said, they want me to "enjoy the ride".

To be honest, I haven't been enjoying the ride. I haven't slept in two nights. I've been worrying about where am I going to find a bike. Well, I know now, its not about the bike! Ironic because thats the book title of Lance Armstrong's first book!!!

There... I feel better already. I don't have to worry anymore & I'll be able to sleep peacefully. I can just simply bring a sign, table, box & my 6 year old Fuji and ride my trainer anywhere and concentrate on FUNdraising!!! When I ride on August 28th, 2010 it will be because of the generosity of new & old friends, colleagues & family AND the people of Hamilton.


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