Monday, April 12, 2010

I like Mondays...

Thankfully, my neighbour Charlie came through with a donation yesterday. Thanks Charles!!! This can't be said for today. Seems my streak has ended.

I did get a tweet from Jamie Grant though. He participated in last year's ride and is offering me some information which is awesome. Wonder what it is?!?! I sure could use it.

Speaking of last year's ride. The printer has the file but I've had to send the native InDesign files for the cover. Almost done.

I haven't heard anything from anyone today in regards to Wait a minute, I did get a few comments about the video via MSN and FB! Seems I was showing a lot of bums according to Bonnie. :)

If you reading this, please spread the word! An email from you would be a lot better than coming from me!!! Cajole them if you have to - it just might work. I can't do this alone.

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