Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a roller coaster!

Well, after sour few days I'm back on top again. This fundraising stuff is making me manic!!! Okay, maybe I was manic to begin with. Busy day at work but I squeezed in a chat on the telephone with Jamie Grant! I'm so lucky he tweeted me!!! This guy is amazing. Jamie did the Ride last year AND GET THIS: WITH ONLY 24 DAYS NOTICE!!!! And here I am freakin' because the donations haven't exactly been rolling in! I'm never complaining again. Jamie gave me ton of tips and encouragement and assured me with 5 months I'll be winning my bet with my Daughter!

He can't ride this year because of knee surgery and a new baby but he's gonna be there in spirit. He's just a average bloke like me - so he assures me. He did say its hard work but I'm convinced now that it I put the work in, things will work out. Thanks so much Jamie! Now that I have your email address we're BFF. :)

Also got a anonymous $250 donation!!!! I'm a lucky man!!!

FInally, the local garage my family uses gave generously. The guys at Glendale Motors are great _THANKS!!. I know for a fact that Doug there is an avid cyclist!!! Need car work?

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