Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is quite the journey...

Earlier this week Steve H. and the MacCuishes kept my spirits up with a generous donation each day. If I averaged their amounts everyday I'd be a lot more confident. Thanks so much!

Then I had yesterday. Life is wonderful - with help from the internet. Here's the story:

Jan and I had our driveway paved in 2008. The city was doing the road so we were entitled to get compensated for the City of Hamilton's area. Paperwork was misplaced until Sunday. Found, I decided I'd follow up. Phone message left & email sent. Well, I get a forwarded email back from a engineered named Tim E.. The next day as I start to confirm the forms (already filled out in 2008) mailing address I think, I'm going to ask if its the Tim E. I went to school with. Actually, I was friends with his twin sisters. We participated in a ton of school activities together.

Well, it turned out it was and he remembered me. I had mentioned and so Tim proceeded to describe the terrible toll cancer has had on his immediate family. He offered his sisters phone numbers but I just thought an email with a link to would be appropriate.

So, imagine the wave of emotions next. Tim's sister Di immediately emails with a little hi and update - her kids are doing really well AND sister Mandy makes a donation to the cause!! I haven't seen the two in almost 30 years!

I can't describe the mixture of emotions this whole thing conjured up but needless to say it was pretty cool!!! Stories like Tim & his sister's keep me more determined than ever...

If things like this are going to happen, I think it will really change me - for the better - TOTALLY SERIOUS!

I also decided to lower my Goal last night. I've put it at the min. $20K. I was getting a little down on the fact that my thermometer was never elevating - even a bit. I can always raise it again but I personally need to visually see some progress. After all I'm a more visual person. :)

Mary H. (another generous American) celebrated her retirement with donation. Thanks Mary!