Sunday, July 25, 2010

Super Salon Nuvo Cut-for-a-cure Day!!!

Wow... The crew at Salon Nuvo were really really amazing! Beckie had organized a ton! The $20 haircuts & wash, raffle table, named bicycles in the window, M&M Meats BBQ and protein shakes by the neighbouring nutritional store!!!

People filtered in and out all day. I rode for the 4 hours and thanks to a breeze, it wasn't too bad. Scott B. was there for a few hours and a manager from Best Buy. I had $117.07 in donations which was pretty good considering all the other fundraising things going on.

Everyone was so nice. The team included Beckie, Lou & wife Chez, Amanda, Jessica and daughter Danya & Sherry. Oh and Scott and Stewart from M&Ms... There were other supporters - sorry if I missed someone.

3 local papers took photos and details for their stories. I hope Salon Nuvo gets a lot of promotion because from what I saw they give awesome haircuts - SERIOUSLY!!! :)

At the end of the day after the raffle draw they totalled the money raised. Get this, the salon raised almost $1750!!!!

I'm thrilled and I know they are too. I have $10K coming that's not in my official total so, my donations are over $19200 now...

$800 to go. WICKED!!!

Almost forget they made up special tees. As Scott from M&Ms said, unlike most of the tees he gets they "don't suck!" and he had cyclist wanted to buy them off him :)

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