Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super Saturday for Jodie Schumacher!

What a day riding for Jodie Schumacher. Sarah made up some great sign pieces that were read by interested donors. Sarah also made it for the 4 hours with me - mind you the last hour was tough for yours truely. Thanks so much Sarah!!! Jared was kind enough to drive in from Toronto and hang for 3 of the hours and took the video and some photos I look forward to putting in next year's RWL book.

We were joined by a vivacious Katie then Jen & Wade (Thanks for the awesome donation you two!) who stayed for over an hour and half... easy. I got my first applause ever when I finished. I really appreciated it because I was hurting at the end.

People were generous throughout the day and despite starting in the shade, the majority of time was spent in the sun. Needless to say it was another hot and sweaty one.

It was nice having company. Jodie's mom joined us for a bit which was great! Sarah's parents also popped by and gave an exceeding generous donation!

All in all it was so nice to ride for Jodie. Sarah shared lots of great stories about her.

I think Jodie had a hand in keeping the rain away that started coming down hard just as we were packing up. Thanks Jodie!!! :)

Check out the video and see a glimpse of the day.

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