Monday, April 26, 2010

Hats off to Barkwear!!!

Hey Reader! I've got a picture of the new Barkwear hats right off the embroidery machines!!! I think they look amazing. Ok, I know I'm biased because I designed them, but they'll be what all the cool people are wearing. Besides all the proceeds will be going to support... ME!!! Well, toward my goal of 20 gees.:D

A big thanks to Scott Barker who'll be selling them for donations. Mike Hecktus donated all the hats and Promotional Elements donated all the embroidery. That is sooooo awesome!!! Drop me a line and I'll try and hook you up with one of these bad boys!!!

Also, comes in white.

PS I hear they selling like hot cakes. Hope I get one in time... :p


  1. Hey Hammer - Bought 2 of thoise bad boyz last week from Scott.... Very cool design. I have been wearing them proudly. Keep up the great work :) - MIKE SEIFRIED

  2. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for the support and I'm really glad you liked the design. Can't wait to see them in person. Cheers dude!!! :)



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