Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Result: First Fundraising Ride...

Well, the results are in and the video will speak to the day. I'd say it went pretty good. What do you think? I'll try going from 9am-12pm tomorrow in the same spot if weather permits!

I can only go for 3 hours. Then it gets pretty uncomfortable. Have a few tips now that I've done it once to make things easier.

Rode in memory of Jody, Glen and Claire today.

It was a lot of fun!!!!

Finally, a BIG thanks to HSBC!!! They donated last week thanks to a rider who participated last year. It was generous indeed and very surprising. Thanks soooooo much Mike!!!


  1. Nice work buddy.... keep the momentum going dude.... looking forward to the July 25th announcement....cheers :) Mike

  2. Hey Dude thanks for the kind words!!! The announcement is right below this post. Salon Nuvo will be cutting hair all day long on the 25th with ALL proceeds going to the ride!!! They are also selling bike cards with donor names on it for $2. All the cards will be displayed in the window. There are going to be other things too I hear. :D

    How cool is that dude? :)


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