Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great 5s Alive!!!

Well, I just wanted to put a quick post in because I have a busy week but I really want to acknowledge some fantastic generosity. A big thanks to Sobeys in Grimsby. Another hot day but that didn't spoil the mood. I'd have to say the $5 bill were the vast majority of donations Saturday - wow. Everyone was really nice again. I got a few pats on the sweaty back too which is pretty amazing because I was really really wet!

Trish and Lawrence popped by for the last 1/2hr or so and it was nice to chat with them. I appreciated the support. Speaking of support, the patrons of Sobeys donated a total of $483.90 - my third highest total to date for a grocery store ride - sweet!!!

I also have to thank my good friend Iles.

Iles made contributed my largest single donation by an individual and donated a lot more than he promised!!! Iles' mom is battling cancer for a second time. I've told him I will be riding my final grocery store ride this Saturday in honour and support of his mom.

Thanks again to Iles and everyone who has help me give to a great cause!!! Your support means more than you can know.

I'm a lucky guy... :)


  1. Jared, I'd say you're equal in the rock dept.!!! You've been a BIG Hammercancer supporter - if not the biggest. It's really appreciated!!! :D


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