Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in gear...

Well, I took a mini-vacation but I'm back at it again. Rode this past Sunday with other Ride With Lance participants for a 66K+ group ride then BBQ. Chatted with a few and kept near the front. It was fun. I feel I'm ready physically for the day. Just a bit more financially to go. :)

Steven Cho (who I met on Sunday) is going to try riding like me in the front of a grocery store in Kitchener over the next few weeks. As for me, I'll be riding this Saturday in Grimsby at the Sobeys there! My friend Trish will pop by I'm sure - I'm looking forward to riding outta town...

A special thanks to Gerald F. who donated on-line after seeing my little ad on the Gravity Climbing Gym web site. That's pretty cool. I hope he and his daughter enjoy her birthday climb on Friday! Thanks Gerald!!!


  1. Hi Tom!
    I'm doing the Ride with Lance as well this year! Like you I am slightly worried about the overall financial goal :s but I'm keeping my spirits ups! I haven't made it out to any of the pre-ride events due to other commitments but am looking forward to hopefully meeting everyone in 2 weeks! (eeek! Not so much time left!)

    Carrie Grinter

  2. Hey Carrie, Thanks for writing a comment!!! I'm riding Saturday again - this time in Grimsby which should be cool (I'm in Ancaster). I look forward to meeting you Carrie!!!

    All the best in wrapping up the fundraising - If I can I'll try to help you out. Get out like me in front of a few grocery stores!!! Check out more of my blog and you'll see how I do it. People are VERY generous!!! :D email me if you want to chat more... seriously!


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